Succulent Terrarium

I have been wanting to do my own terrarium for a while now, but it is a bit tricky to get the container for cheap.

After searching for cheap alternatives, I though I will make a succulent terrarium, since it is harder to kill. I bought the glass container at my nearest Kohls, it was on sale to $28 plus my 30% coupon, it's very sturdy. You can find it here, though it is not available anymore.

It is important to pick a bowl with a wide opening, so it does not collect as much moisture, since it's a succulent terrarium.

I picked only two types of plants, with pretty purples and dark greens, and a light green one. I did not want to over crowd it, since I am hoping for them to grow bigger and eventually take up more space.
I also got some pebbles at big lots for the bottom of the terrarium, this helps with drainage. According to what I read, this terrariums needs to be watered every other week, and the water should not be more than an inch when accumulated at the bottom.

 I also got Cactus mix soil. I added enough for the succulents roots to be fully covered, and layered some more pebbles on the top for decoration.

I hope you give it a try, it is so easy and actually quite affordable if you compare it for how much they sell in stores.

If you do give it a try or have done one already, please share! :)

xo cami

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