DYI - Mirror transformation

Four years ago my old roommate and I went downstairs to the parking lot of our apartment complex (he was going to move his car so I could leave ,my car was parked in front of his). The parking lot was dark but we saw to our right in the trash bin there was a giant old wood framed mirror.

I almost immediately knew I wanted it. I was also sure that Reilly, my husband, was going to hate it. It was old and the glass looked a bit milky, I just though that added character. Certainly, the mirror was not my style, because at the time I was into the very sleek modern look, but when you've recently graduated you cannot be to picky. I decided right there that I could do something with this seemingly old piece of junk to make it work. Especially because mirrors this size are normally super pricy.

So my roommate and I took the heavy thing up to our apartment, where I proceeded to explain to Reilly that I wanted to paint it a bright happy color. Little did he expect that for the next four years we would haul it with us from apartment, to apartment, to finally our home. There we finally decided to give it the attention it desperately required.

Here we proceeded to cover the mirror with paper and
to cover the wholes the frame had (made by previous owner).

Our house it is always evolving, like our taste. Before we preferred minimalist and modern, but now we prefer more of a mixture of decor styles, more of an eclectic style.

We always have 10 projects going on at once, so things get done very slowly around here (sometimes even four years slow). I love the pop of bright yellow, it is like a bright sunshine against all the blacks, whites, and dark woods in out house.

Can't wait to share a new picture once the walls are re-painted since now the room it is looking pretty yellow.

I hope you enjoy coming along!

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