Mother's day, late gift ideas

If you are out there with no ideas of what you can give to that special woman in your life,  and are running out of time. I have some ideas that might help you out!

I have a couple points that you might want to consider when getting something for your mom, wife, or special lady in your life. The bad news is that... this late in the game, you might have to go to the store.

1. To wear:

1.Blouse- Mossimo    2.Necklace/target   3.Essie/limo-scene   4.Clutch/kate young   5.Skirt/Mossimo   6.skinny belt/Merona
I put in two outfits together. I found most of the things in Target, pretty economical. Might not be everyone taste, but might give you some ideas. I think both look classy and elegant.

1.Blouse/Mossimo   2.Necklace/target  3.Essie/Limo-scene 4.Scarf/Stella&dot  5. Pants/H&M

It's hard to go wrong with  some jewelry, something nice that she can wear and remember how happy she is. It does not need to be a super expensive piece, but something nice and to her taste. 

 2. To the Cooks and Bakers:

Don't think that because your mom or special lady in life cooks, means that she necessarily likes to cook. Gifting something for the house like a toaster or an apron, might feel like a good idea, but she might not like it so much.
Now if she truly loves cooking or baking, then be my guest!. Here I have some cute ideas.

1.Map cutting board    2.Cute Apron    3.Serving set

If you don't want to spend too much money. Make her breakfast in bed, or a nice tasty dinner plus some bake goods for dessert, you can enjoy a nice meal and watch a movie together.

If she lives in a different state, you can put together the ingredients of a brownie or any bake goods, in a mason jar, and send it to her. Homemade and ready for her to just mix and pop in the oven.

And to this idea you can still add the flowers I mentioned above.

If you have zero time to make anything, because you are swamp at work, or with your kids, or at school, don't worry I have you covered.

 I actually have found some great gift ideas for the home that you can shop online.

 3.  To the generous, a basket of goodies:


MAKEUP!!!: 1. Chanel Lipstick   2.Chanel Face Powder    3.YSL -Volupte shine   4.Revlon lipstick   
 Note: the Chanel powder might not be the best if your mom has super oily skin. Other than that it is a great setting powder, very gentile and luxurious!
Now this one might be my favorite of them all. Pick up a nice basket or box, and fill it with things you think your mom will enjoy. You can have a variety of things that go from beauty products, to tasty gourmet chocolate bars, fruit preserves, freshly baked bread or muffins, jewelry, you name it.

Steven madden sun glasses and DNYK wristlet wallet I scored in TJmax

 It depends on your budget, but the fun it's endless, and imagine your mom's face when picking everything out? priceless.

Now granted, for this one you might need to know their taste. Don't get them clothes, jewelry (unless it is something shiny like a diamond), or accessories if you don't know their style.


4. To the ones that like to be stress free... :

1.Shiseido Day mosturizer   2. Shiseido night mosturizer   3.DNYK Body lotion   4.Marianella soap 

A spa day it's always a winning gift. Maybe even a day on a salon, pay for her to get her nails done and hair, maybe follow that up with dinner as well. And if you have no money to spend in an expensive spa or nail salon, you and your mom can enjoy doing this together at home. 
5. Origins mask    6.OPI-my boyfriend scales walls

You could also get her some things that she can use to pamper herself. Here are some recommendations I have of things I have used and loved. I would give a run to the nearest tjmax btw, sometimes they carry Shiseido beauty products, OPI nail polishes and more for 50% off.

5.To the Crafty:

Flowers are a great gift sure, but many times it is what they keep getting over and over again, change it up a bit and don't get stuck in the impersonal online flower shopping. Take some time getting something more personal that your mom will appreciate and treasure, like those hand made cards you made her when you were young.

This brings me to my first gift idea. I found on Pinterest this great idea of making your mom a nice mug, with a paint sharpie that you later bake and it becomes permanent. Here is a link to the DYI tutorial

If you are on the crafty side there is so many things you can do, and you should start now that you have still some time left. Write her a nice letter, one that she can keep and look at later.

Make her a drawing or a painting, a playlist of songs she would like. And sure give her this special treat you work hard to make with some nice flowers and or chocolate.

6. Special outing:

If she has a special band she loves and they are in town, get her tickets to see them. Or maybe a nice show like Cirque du solei, or Broadway show if she is into musicals. These could be a night you both won't forget.

walking at the beach it's always very nice and relaxing!

You can also make a picnic and go to a park. walk around, or even go hiking. It will burn some calories and later it will make you feel less bad if you both end up eating some sort of cake or chocolate.

I am sure that anything you give that special mother in your life will be great for her. Please know that there is nothing wrong with giving flowers, a pre-made hallmark card or chocolates. These are just different ideas if you are not sure of what to give.

Happy week everyone!



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