Summer Wishlist 2013!

There is nothing more fun like day dreaming about the things I am wanting and need to save for. Good thing that Summer it's long here in California!

Most of what I have here in my wishlist are things that I wont only use during the summer months, but all year round. Which makes it a lot easier for me to get things that are more of an investment, instead of more than monthly fashions or trendy items.

Not to say some of these are not trendy, but at least there are not all seasonal!

  Since I have very oily skin, I have been looking for the perfect foundation that will make my skin look less oily, still look natural and feel as if I had nothing on. This one seems to meet all those requirements, plus it has SPF which it's always good!

I have heard so much hype around this product, they have it in many different shades and can be used for the cheeks and/or the lips. And it gives your skin this beautiful healthy glowy flush. Can't wait to try it out!

During my latest trip to Venezuela, I was unfortunate enough to have my one and only Michael Kors watch stolen. This was my favorite watch and I was quite upset when I realized it was gone. After months of thinking which was going to be the replacement for it, I decided I would love to get the rose gold one. I am not much of a gold wearer in general, but rose gold has certain appeal and it looks very classy and elegant.

there is a lot of things I love about this bag, one is the very versatile color that pretty much goes with everything. I also love the fact that the hardware it's silver since most of the time bags come with gold hardware, and last but not least the fact that can be held in the crook of your arm and also has a long shoulder strap.

I love leather jackets SO MUCH!. I already own a black leather jacket which it's older, also from Zara, great quality. This one has a very different shape and look to it. I also think that a leather jacket never really goes out of style, I use them all year round and they are a great investment piece, for sure!

I am supposed to use glasses to read, to be in front of the computer, and to drive. My eyesight it's not bad, but I get this horrible headaches from straining my eyes a lot. I do have a desk job in which I sit in front of a computer every day of the week for eight hours or more. 

I find it easier to not "forget" to wear my glasses when in front of the computer, if I feel I look good on them. I do love the nerdy look right now, and this glasses are very pretty and very inexpensive as well. I am thinking about getting them and taking them to my eye doctor to get my formula put in the frames.

I love this trend going around right now, I can't wait to get it in the store, just to make sure it fits my fingers right.

I have gotten this candle several times, it smells so good and last for a long time. It is not like one of those candles that takes forever to fill a room with the scent. I normally burn it in my bedroom, and the light peaking through the glass it's so pretty. It smells very fruity, and honestly at this point it just smells like home. 

I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know what are you wanting this summer

xo cami

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