About me

My name is Camila Lohr (long name so I will keep it short in here). I am originally from Venezuela and moved to Orlando-FL, to study  Computer animation a long time ago. The new country, new language and culture were a shock. But I think I am better at it now.

In College is where I met the love of my life and now husband Reilly. We moved to Sunny California over 4 years ago for work, and we are head over heals for this place. I have two Siamese kitties that are two bundles of stressful joy (yes, those two things can be packed into two 10 pounds fur ball).

I work in Visual Effects for movies, and write and do art as a hobby when I get a chance. I have grown to love experimenting with makeup, beauty products, fashions and bake goods (which it is where this blog comes to life).

I hope you have some kind of fun reading around the posts, leave comments and links to your sites which I will love to check out!

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