Transforming the living room part 2

We have lived in our house for over 3 years now, and out living area has changed maybe 4 times now. We have bought not one... not two couches, but this will be our third and hopefully last one. We love shopping for furniture, and getting great deals in second hand stuff. But as I mentioned in my last home post, we decided this time around we will plan ahead.

 The before

This meant to actually invest our resources on things that will last years to come with us, spend the money on the big ticket items and not so much on the accesories, becasue those we rotate around the house either way.

This time around I decided I will move our cow hide rug to our bedroom and use our other rug out in the living room instead. We were happy to see that this rug shape actually works a lot better with the furniture we have, and it made a huge difference on how the room look.

 The After

 The numbered jar it's from Big Lots, spheres from homegoods, and terrarium from Kohls on sale!

Also I moved around my beloved Barcelona paintings to my bedroom and put up some monochromatic b&w pictures up with an old mirror from West Elm I got maybe five years ago. We also have been using our cb2 blocks as coffee tables for a few months now, after we sold our coffee table.

All the things you see where actually "shopped" around my own place that I moved around just to complete the look. The only things I ended up buying were the two furry pillows, that I scored in Homegoods this past weekend, for $24 each.

Some of our fall decorations

I also wanted to mention that I found the cutest fall decor at homegoods as well, some fabric pumpkins. An amazing candle that makes my whole living room area smell like cinnamon and oranges.

We are still looking for the perfect large piece of artwork that suits our space and taste, but for now this ones makes us happy. I hope you liked this transformations.



  1. Me encanta como cambiaste el "look and feel" con pocas cosas nuevas. :)

  2. I want my lounge to look like yours when I move out. It looks so comfy but spacious! I love it! :)