Nature box Review!

This is the newest box I have subscribed to. I found it when looking around the internet and found an awesome offer for it, in which you get your first for only $1!. I unfortunately don't have the code for it anymore, I wanted to give it a try since we do love snacking and spend some money on snacks on a weekly basis.

Now this box retails for $19.95 dollars a month, and you get five full size packages of a selection of "healthy" natural snacks delivered to your door. I was pretty happy with the selection I received. overall everything was pretty tasty. The packaging it's great since each bag separately zips closed after you open it.

We received Banana bread granola, which was very tasty when eaten by itself or with Greek yogurt. It lasted me for around four servings. We also received Italian Bistro pretzels, which were AMAZING, super flavorful, crunchy awesomeness. We also got whole wheat raspberry figgy bars, which were very similar to fig newtons.

The fourth thing was a curry trail mix, very tasty and a very interesting mix of flavors. A bit spicy, but not too offensive. And lastly, my least favorite from all was the Lemon Meringue Waffles, there were ok, and I have been putting a couple on ice cream, and it has been pretty yummy. 

Overall the box it's great, you get a great selection of natural tasty snacks for a decent price, specially if you take into consideration how costly granola and nuts can be. I am not completely sure I am going to subscribe to it past this month though, just because I am not sure I want to spend $20 a month on snacks.

You can check out their page here:

We will see.

I hope you have a lovely day

xo cami

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