Transforming the Living room part 1

For a while now every time I want to change a space my husband tells me we should plan it better. I like planning most things, but when it comes to home projects I like to get things done, and for the most part that means make it fast.

The problem with the quicker problem solving is that to my very indecisive taste changing self, this does not satisfy my inner designer needs.

Our taste it's constantly changing and evolving. While four years ago we liked completely modern, minimalistic, cool interiors, and loved drooling over anything from cb2. Now our taste has evolved to a more eclectic look for our home. We love vintage mid century modern, masculine palettes, rustic pieces, and a touch of classic.

I personally like the idea of having a more masculine, modern looking home, with my bedroom being the more warm, cozy and classy room in the house. I wont talk about the bedroom today, that is a whole new on itself.

1.  Maxwell sofa from RH.  2.  Cow hide rug.  3. Dark gray long drapes from Ikea. 4. Black and white striped throw from Ikea.  5. Furry pillow from West Elm.   6. Paint the walls white. 7. Black Eames chair from Craigslist. 8.  Basket with lid from TJmax.  9.  Two cb2 white cubes in place of a coffee table.

Also we will like a big piece of art on top of the couch, we are still looking for the perfect match.

We love this black and white photo of a bull. It hits close to both of our past since we both grew up in farm homes surrounded by cows and bulls. This photo was found on Pinterest. Link -->here<--
I have not found many art, or photo prints like this, and might end up making a large illustration myself.. maybe. I did find this awesome buffalo print online.

Spaces keep evolving, so I don't want to get too caught up with my 'perfect' living room, and how it should look like, and stressed over how fast to get it there... it will get there, eventually.

xo cami

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