Closet Organization

Before I rework my closet I put everything I own on top of my bed and sort it from there.It creates a lot of work to put everything back but I love doing it this way.

When it comes to organization projects for my home I consider myself more practical, I try to spend less money in re-purchasing new shelves that are more updated, I choose to work with what I have and make it look the best I can.

I will say I am a bit of a closet organization freak and in the past year or so I have reworked my closet maybe 3 to 4 times. I like to get rid of clothes that are old, or are just not getting enough use and need to go to a better home.

Also I can say I love the idea of feeling that my closet it is my own personal boutique, and feel that I can "shop" around my closet instead of going to the mall and droping more money on things that I already own. I started doing this because I realized how many times I re-purchase things that were too similar to something I already owned that I had forgotten!

Moved my dresses up since it is winter finally in LA, and put my sweaters down for easy access