Guest room transformation

When we got our home we were very excited to have two rooms to work with, since living together we had been sharing just one room for the both of us. This new extra space meant we will have finally a place to put our studio in. It made sense at the time, since each one of us had a computer, and we also happened to have a lot of art supplies and other things to store.

The Before


Since we work a full time job (in front of a computer all day) we hardly came home to sit in our home office, so having our only other room in the house for this purpose alone did not make much sense. Specially since we receive guests at least twice a year, and the lack of use of this room just made it a lot easier to store and collect things we did not need or use.

The After


It took a lot of cleaning, organizing, minimizing, painting walls, etc. But we like the end result a lot, and our guests are a lot happier to have a bed to sleep in instead of an inflatable mattress.

We moved our studio to the breakfast nook and got rid of one of our computers. We have a laptop as well we can use everywhere around the house.

The house and it's rooms are always changing either way. We buy and sell as we go, move things around, replace art, move mirrors. I think it's normal since we are always evolving as people and our taste changes with us.


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