How I organize our bookcase

The other day I got tired of seeing how the bookcase we have in the dinning room looked, it had gotten pretty cluttered with old mail, old books, and just random things. It was very unorganized and did nothing for the space. So I took action into matter! some books went out for donation, some I am just reselling, and some just got relocated away in one of our closets.

Ahh, freshly organized!

I am a big home body, I love my house and spending time on it. I feel a lot more relaxed in it if it is neat, plus I love the idea of redecorating. Moving things around that I already own, playing with colors, in general I would say I just like changing things up a bit.

There is a lot of inspirations out there for ideas on how to place your books around a book case to make them more interesting and appealing to the eye. Reilly and I mostly have art books, which it's nice since normally the covers are pretty and interesting.

I organized the books by color, which it is pretty much black and white, which I place diagonally from each other. I also placed the ones with the teal covers in specific areas for focal points, since this matched our foo dogs and vintage radio.

a view from the other side, it shows some of our vases. :)

I also have four older film boxes to keep the messy bits in, and a white box I got in Tjmax 3 years or so ago. An awesome wooden planter, which looks vintage but it is not (and I wish it was vintage because that would probably mean it was made with real wood). I also have an areaware piggy bank.

We got the terrarium not too long ago in Kohls, for much less than we had seen them in other places, and it's still waiting for some sort of  a succulent that hopefully wont die.

polaroid <3

This one right here it is one of our most beloved decoration pieces, I love the shape of vintage cameras, I think they have a lot of character. And this one it's a true vintage piece, and it means a lot to us since it was passed down from Reilly's step dad. We love displaying it out.

This Motorola radio has actually a iphone plug that lets us play mp3. It functions with heating pipes (I think) and it gets pretty hot when used for long periods of time, the sound it is not the best so we use it for decoration only. I love how bright it is.

We have a lot of projects planned this year which involve painting a lot of walls and possibly moving things around some more. I hope you found this somewhat entertaining. We all have different taste when it comes to home decor. Ours it's kind of eclectic, but mostly modern and vintage.

I hope you have a lovely day
xo Cami

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