Trish McEvoy Petite Makeup Planner Review

 I was super excited when I saw that Nordstroms had this super cute Trish Mcvoy makeup planner on their Anniversary sale last month.

I was truly curious and thought that it would be perfect for my gym bag/purse. This agenda retails for $158 and it claims to give you a $350 product value. I was happy to be able to try a new high end makeup brand and get the full range of products I needed in one cute pouch.

 As a warning I am gonna say this is going to be a long review, but if you are not interested in reading my opinion about each product read this:

One thing that jumps out is how cute and classy the agenda it self is, with the quilted pattern and a very pretty rose pink color. I also like the fact that it seemed very convenient and quite easy to keep things organized.

It came with a great selection of products, for face, eyes and lips. Everything you might need for a complete look. Now I can also say that when I received my agenda the first thing that I noticed was that my translucent powder was broken!

Now that was quite upsetting to me since the agenda had failed in it's one job, protecting your expensive ass makeup. I also want to say that even though there were some hits and misses in this whole package, I still came to the conclusion that it's not worth getting.

I was going to end up replacing most of it's products with my own favorites, and at the end it made no sense to pay so much for just the planner... which in my opinion was the best thing.

Products reviews:

- Petite Makeup Wardrobing Page: Like I mentioned before the idea is great. I love the fact that it works like a z-palette, and you can put in your products with a magnet. However, I was pretty disappointed that the powder was already broken and making a mess the entire time. I do like that it has a nice mirror in it.

- Golden Bronzer: The bronzer was nice, though to light and orangy for my personal preference, it had small golden shimmer in it.

- Face Shaper Highlight:
This was a very pretty rose highlighter, liked it overall.

- Face Shaper Blush: I liked this blush a lot, it gave a very pretty flushed color to my skin. It was not too pigmented, but it could be build up easily and it did vanished during the day. However its possible that might be due to my foundation.

- Translucent Finishing Powder: This product was my favorite from the quad, it mattified my skin for a good four hours before I had to blot. That is something I have to do with all powders. It didn't make my skin look dull or dead, and it didn't look cakey either. It did feel dry on my skin.

- Medium Refillable Double Decker Compact with sponge: The foundation gave light coverage and was not easy to build up. It had no smell that I could tell, and the texture was easy to blend and it felt light and powdery. Though weirdly enough there was an oil residue in the mirror. I liked that the compact itself was refillable, which I think is awesome.

- Cream Eyeshadow in Stardust: Now this one had a very interesting texture, almost mousse like when swatched. The eyeshadow is a very pretty dark purple color, with shimmer in it. It swatch with great intensity, though when I tried to apply it on my eye it did not apply the same, it was very light and hard to get the same color pay off. Overall I was not too happy with this product.

- Lip Color in Sexy Nude: A vintage rose color, with a pearl finish. Even though the color was quite pretty, I am not too fond of pearl finishes unfortunately. Very nice metal packaging, felt drying on the lips.

From top to bottom: Cream eyeshadow in Stardust, Lip color in sexy nude, 24 hour eyeshadow in rose quartz, and lastly but not least Intense Gel eyeliner in Arabian nights.
- Eye Base Essentials in Bare:
Before buying this planner I looked everywhere online for a review. I was not able to find much, but I did hear someone say that this was a great eye-primer. With that in mind I was quite excited to try it, since I ran out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion. Unfortunately I didn't like the primer at all. It didn't work for me because my eye-shadows creased like crazy by mid-day.

- Intense Gel Eye Liner in Arabian Nights: I LOVED this eyeliner, it applied very smooth and buttery, but it did not move once it settled. It had great color payoff and it was a gorgeous blue. It lasted all day and it did not smudge. One of the highlights of this whole planner for me.

- 24-Hour Eyeshadow and Liner in Rose Quartz: Nice color payoff, very smooth application and blending. Loved the color too. Did not last the 24 hours they are claiming to last without a primer, with a good primer it might last a full day without creasing. Great quality packaging.

- Lash Curling Mascara: The mascara was different and at first I couldn't tell if I hated or loved it. I can say that with time I grew fond of it. It gives a natural feel to the lashes, it separates them and gives length though not too much volume. It lasted ALL DAY, including the gym, with no smudging whatsoever, and it removed so easily! Truly amazing!!

- Instant Eye Lift: This is just another regular eye brightener creme. It's not the best I have ever tried, but not the worst either. I can say it feels a bit dry, which can be bad if you have dry under eyes. It was just meh.

I am gonna say I never expected to like everything in the bag. I was hoping for more for the price, and it might not have worked for me only because of my skin type.

I don't want to pay $158 for a makeup bag alone.

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have it let me know what you think about it.


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