Skylark polishes review

I got this mini set of polishes in a mystery box I got for the month of May from, Earlier last month they revealed two of the products that were coming on the box, and this one was one of them. You can see my review for the rest of the box here:

Sadly the polishes did not meet the quota. I wish I could say better things about these ones, since it's the first products I've tried from this young Gurus makeup line, Skylark.

Let's start with the positives. I love the colors, they are bright, cheerful, and very pretty. The other thing I love about them it's that they are minis, even though I love buying nail polishes, I never really use a full bottle of polish ever. I like the idea of paying a fraction of the cost for a smaller good quality polish.

Now with that said, this retails for a whopping $29.00, which is $7.25 per polish. That is what an ESSIE, OPI, china glaze polish costs, it's so incredibly expensive for a mini polish from a brand new brand.

Also the application was so streaky due to the extremely thick consistency of the polish, I completely gave up with the coral (Jelly shot) since all I got was a blobby mess that was still streaky and not opaque by the second coat. Also the thin brush did not help the formula either. I think a thicker brush will have provided a nicer application.

The colors are a very pretty lilac color, Dream Catcher. Which was the one that chipped the least from all the colors. The second one to the right is Jelly shot, which it's a bright coral shade, very similar to the popular shade Flip Flop Fantasy by China glaze. The third shade is Bdays in Cabo, a bright barbie pink. And the last one is Sea Glass, a minty pastel which it's very similar to Essie Mint Candy apple.

For the packaging there was nothing special about these ones, just a regular cylindrical shape with a black plastic cap and a regular brush. Nothing to explain the $29 price tag.

I don't think this is a product I will recommend to anyone, I think it is extremely overpriced, the colors are not something new and special you can't find anywhere else. I have heard great things about their other products. I am sad that I tried the one that was not their best.

I hope this review helped someone out there.
xo cami

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  1. Great review! So sad these polishes weren't worth the hype.