Pieces of my week!

Lately we have had great weather here in LA. This weekend we had a lot of fun just hanging around by the pool, and walking around the mall with our friend Julian. 

I also managed to do some harmless shopping, though honestly feel the weekend past way too fast and I did not hit all the to do's I had planned at the end of last week.

I am feeling accomplished since I also worked in some art on Sunday morning, trying to get out of my comfort zone, mixing a face with some abstract blocks and fun spring colors.
WIP of my spring piece. Acrylics on wood

I love when Cherries start popping on our grocery stores. I can seriously do some damaged with Cherries. So yummy!

I also got to bake some cookies. But that is for another post! :)

I hope you all had a great week!
xo cami

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