Blush Mystery Beauty Box - May 2013

I was pretty excited to give this mystery box a try, the value is $34 box for a month's box or $24 if you get a monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime. They promise an $100 box value on each box, which it's awesome!

When I saw the two sneak peeks for this months box I had to give it a go. They promised we get the new Skylark mini nail polish collection for summer, which has some gorgeous shades and it retails for $29.99, and a bracelet which you only received if you were in the first 2000 orders.

In this box I also got a full size brown gel eyeliner, that comes with a nice quality brush, and when trying it it was very pigmented and smooth to put on.  This retails for $21. So far so good!

 I got a full size Nick Chavez conditioner for additional volume to the hair, which I need, and this conditioner smells very good, I can't say for sure if it really gives a lot of volume, I have tried it a couple times and I don't see much of a difference yet. This alone retails for $26.


It also came with a very nice sample of the B. Kamins BB Cream hydrates. I have been using the past couple days, and I really like it so far. It does not have an spf which it's unfortunate, but it even out my skin, it gives moisture, and since I have oily skin I do have to top it with a powder, but after that it looks very dewy and natural.

Blush also sends a surprise gift with each order, I got nice sample of Vichy makeup remover cleanser, which it's a cream and has near to no scent. And lastly I got a tiny sample of Cotz plus spf 58, which seems to be a tinted sunscreen, which I haven't tried yet.

I actually quite like this box, and might consider subscribing to the monthly box. We will see.

xo cami

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