New Dior Coral Lip Glow + Comparison

I am a big Dior Lip Glow fan, which I have mention several times in the past. It is the only lip product I have repurchase several times, and will probably keep buying for as long as I can do so. I love it THAT much.

I was beyond excited when I learned that they had released a new coral shade. I love orange tones, and I love the original version, so it was meant to be a win win.

I waited for my newest lipstick addition for a few days, and finally can report back on my thoughs. The truth is that you probably don't need both (good thing that I am running out of my pinkier shade) but there is a tone difference in between the two, and I love them both equally. 

As you build the shade through application during the day you will see more of a difference in between the too.

 Top is the original/ bottom: coral

If you are looking to get the coral lip glow, I will recommend you do soon. I heard it's limited edition!


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