My favorites of 2013

I can't believe it's already the end of 2013, it seems as it was yesterday that I was writing the one of my first blog posts about what I had been loving on 2012. 

It was actually quite fun to go back a read my last years post and see what I was loving then and realize that I still use and love most of those products, but also to notice that I have found such great ones this year to recommend to whoever is reading.


I completely changed all my skin care routine  within the past 3 months, because my skin had gone through the worst breakout I have had in my life. I was getting a pot or two or three every single day, they hurt, they looked horrible, and nono of my previous products were helping like they had in the past.

I went to a Dermatologist and he prescribed me RetinA, which it's a kind of retinol that you have to be prescribed, and it has changed the way my skin looks. It doesn't only help and prevents acne, but it also helps with aging as well.

With this new creme which I apply everynight I had to make sure I was putting a sunscreen every day, and I was introduced to COOLA, which it's a natural sunscreen, has a very light pleasant smell and it has been the only spf that does not make my skin more oily and breaks me out even more. I love it!

I also discovered the BOBBI BROWN eye cream, which it's very moisturizing on the under eye area,and is by far my favorite eye cream that I have tried to this day.

Lastly for skin care I love the Argan Balm from Josie Maran. It's a natural oil that is on a balm form, and what I love of this product is that you can use it anywhere that you have a dry patch area. I have used it on my lips, legs, elbows, on my nose after a bad allergy session in which my nose started peeling. It's great! it has no scent and you get a lot for what you pay for.

I am still loving my Clarasonic, which I also mentioned last year. I use almost every night with the new cashmere brush.


This year I have also started taking better care of my hair. My hair it's fine, I don't have much of it, dry ends from dying it all the time, and a really oily scalp.

This combination made it nearly impossible to get my hair to grow as fast and healthy as I wanted to. I grew up washing my hair every day, which salon specialists recommend not to do. I tried many different brands of Dry Shampoos and most of them didn't work on me the way I wanted them to.

But this year I discovered Batiste, which it's a very affordable brand of great dry shampoo, and I am hooked. This one I have in the picture it's for dark hair, which does not leave a white cast on my hair and it extends my washes for days. I really recommend it.

My second hair savior has been the Ojon reverse instant restorative hair serum, which retails for $25 but will last you ages, since you only need a quarter size for the ends of your hair after washing it. It has nearly no scent to it, and I feel it really has helped my hair.

Lastly for hair I want to mention the Macadamia deep repair masque,  now this thing it's pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. It leaves your hair smelling great, and it really hydrates your strands and makes your hair shinny and healthy. I actually use it as a conditioner for my ends when I wash my hair. I love it.


 Last year I kept the makeup selection a bit smaller, but this year I really wanted to shine some light on this amazing products I have discovered.

For eyeshadows, and to try not to mention once more my beloved Naked2 palette, which it's still a favorite of mine. I wanted to talk about Clinique's Black Honey eyeshadow. It's buttery, pigmented, multidimensional shade, that looks good on everyone.

This year I also discovered Nars eye primer, this is such a great product and I do believe it's the best one I have tried and it does keep my makeup on all day.

I also got my first makeup item from the brand Napoleon Perdis on Hautelook earlier this year, with a set of his brushes. Now the brushes I actually didn't care for. But his brush it's BEAUTIFUL on my skin, it looks like a very natural flush, it blends great and I love it. You can find my previous post about it here.

 I recognize I have a problem with lip products (and with all makeup if we come to that), but I love experimenting with different colors, and this year I have picked three of my favorites which was a very hard choice. I picked three different kinds. 

A Sheer one from YSL. This one is Volupte sheer candy in #4 Succulent Pomegranate. It's a very sheer pinky red, that you can build up if you wanted to, it's moisturizing, has a beautiful packaging and it makes your teeth look whiter. My favorite kind of lipstick.

 Tom Ford's Crimson Noir might be the most expensive lipstick I own, but it's also my favorite red and one of my favorites lipsticks period. The formula it's creamy, moisturizing, rich and with a very pleasant vanilla smell. I also love the fact that it's long wearing without being drying and it does not smear all over my face.

Lastly I want to mention Dior's Lip Glow. I bought my first tube on this wonderful product years ago and since then have repurchase it. It is the only lipstick I have finished and repurchased once again. It is a very pretty pink on the tube, but on your lips it changes with your chemistry, so your pink wont be the same that other person using the same lipstick. I love it!

Tools and other

On this last bit of my post I wanted to write a few lines to a few products that have put a smile on my face this year.

Firstly the wonderful hair ties that you can get in any color of the rainbow, they are affordable, look good on your wrist, and don't crease your hair.

Secondly the Real Techniques makeup brushes from Samantha Chapman, they are super affordable, synthetic brushes, that are soft and well made, and really blend your makeup beautifully. My favorites from her brand are the buffing brush, the large powder brush and the sculpting brush.

Chanel Chance EAU Tendre, has been my favorite fragrance of the year. I have used it year round, and I love how feminine, sweet and light it is.

The Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush. I had to mention it this year even though I also mentioned it last year, that is how much I freaking love this brush. Completely worth the money.

Sigma F40 large angled brush. I have used this one for bronzer, blush. It's soft, it doesn't shed, it blends the makeup nicely. I highly recommend it.

I also really love my two favorite rings, I got them both on sale at different times. I got the one with the big white stone in Angls for around 15$. I love it and wear it all the time. I also love my Lucky Key ring, I always get comments on it and got it on Clearance in Tjmax for around $12.

And lastly but not least...

My beloved Shu Uemura lash curler. I have had this lash curler for two years now, and is still just as good as the day that I got it. It open your eyes and makes your lashes look longer and very curly.

Needless to say I love makeup and beauty in general, and spend a large part of my weekends (when I have weekends off) in the counters trying makeup and just having a good time. I love all the things I own and research a lot before getting them.

 I'm very lucky to be able to try all this wonderful things. Hopefully my reviews help someone out there to get to try them as well.

Happy New Year!!


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