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A little of online window shopping didn't hurt anybody right?  I love when the end of a season is here, and every brand out there is releasing new awesome products. 

I can say the same for the end of the season sales. Every store you walk in has an awesome sale going on right now, and I love a good bargain just as much as the next person.

Here are a few things I have in my wishlist, some that  have been eying for a while now, some that are brand new and exciting.

My picks are simple, a few fashiony items, and a few beauty items. 

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker complexion kit, this is plain and simple what I consider a great deal, you get 4 products to try from her line which it's all natural and cruelty free. I am dying to try her cheek stain and her light Argan Oil moisturizer.

Clinique All About Shadow palette, is simply an amazing all neutral palette, which happens to be limited edition. I actually own way to many neutral palettes, and it might not make any sense for me to get this one... but oooh I want it so bad.
Dior Addict lip glow in sheer pink coral, I am so excited to try this one, and I might be ordering it after I finish writing this post. The first lip glow it's actually my favorite lip product.

Hakuhodo brushes, I had the opportunity of holding one of this brushes on IMATS a few years ago, and even since my head hasn't been able to stop thinking about how great they were.

Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin, has capture my attention since it claims to help with hyper-pigmentation and to even out your skin. I happen to have lots of discolorations caused by a severe acne I had last year. I will be stopping by sephora to ask a sample before dropping the money on this one for sure.

Marni eau de perfum, was a very lovely scent I tried on my bday earlier this month, I am not ready to buy a new fragrance just yet, but this one is high on my list once I am done with one of my current scents.

Diesel Women's Chelsea Show Pinky Booties, are just stricking and very much my cup of tea. I love botties and wear the ones I have ever day of the week. I love that these ones look edgy, worn in and it didn't hurt either that I found them a LOT cheaper in amazon. By all means, these are NOT cheap boots, but I do love them.

Stacked Necklace from h&m, I love it and how cheap it is.

Black skinny jeans also form h&m.

Silver hoops, I know there are not everyone's style, but I am latin and I do love some hoops and have been wearing them since I was a teen, I recently lost my silver ones and was thinking this time I should actually invest on some better quality ones.

And lastly the Marc Jacobs for Target zip pouch, I found a bunch in ebay. so pretty for holding my makeup or even to take out as a clutch.

What is in your wishlist bucket?


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