Chili and Corn Bread for the cold nights

It's finally cool in LA which means.... Chilli time!

We are  pretty lucky in California by having perfect weather year round. When it gets hot it never gets too hot, and the same goes for the chillier months. 
Though for some out lucky fall/winter weather it's still warm, specially lately, I still feel our nights are normally pretty chilly, so for those I try to eat warmer more cozy meals. 

A few weeks ago I decided to surprise my southern husband and I made some tasty homemade corn bread following this recipe. I only changed the sour cream for buttermilk.  And for the chili I used a mix, this one to be exact.

There is something awesome about this combination. I will be definitely be making it again.



  1. it was so awesome to come home to this. I really hope it gets made again!

  2. Really tasty and delicious. It look so pretty.

  3. Oh my gosh, cornbread and chili together is my fave combo ever! What a cute blog you have too BTW!