Products I have used up (Dec 2012 - March 2013)

As a fair warning.... This is going to be a long post!. 

I am a beauty product addict. I like trying new things. I love going to places like Sephora, Ulta, department stores, target, etc. Always on the hunt for the next great thing, the one that will change my daily routine. Kinda of feels like hunting for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I also frequent blogs and youtube for reviews, and I personally found that this type of reviews (when people talk about products that they finished up), are very interesting, since the buyer gets to try the whole product, and can give a more accurate review of the results, if any.

For the most part if the product it's finished, there is a high possibility that I liked it alright, since I kept coming back to it. The bigger question is, would I re-purchase it?


I hardly ever finish makeup. I am ashamed to say that I have a lot of makeup, this is something i really enjoy and it is not something that everyone needs to have. Hopefully my reviews will help someone out there to choose the good things and leave out the bad.

In this finished products I have some hits, and some misses.

I have had this blush for almost 4 years and using it very often. I know, super crazy that it has lasted me this long, and according to what I have read around, it is only recommended to keep powder products up to two years. Honestly I did not encounter any issues, I am the only person using my products, and I wont toss it unless it looks like the product has change consistency, it smells, or something like that.
I LOVE this product, I will totally re-purchase it in the future, when I finish some of the blushes I currently own.

I reviewed this product in one of my past posts. I love it. I wont repurchase it any time soon since I feel it is too pricey and it does not last long at all. My other review it's -->here<--

I received this deluxe sample sometime last year, I tried it again and again, on summer time made my face so greasy I hated it. I then stopped using it in hopes that in winter time it will be better for my skin.
This did not happen, my skin still looks like a grease ball by the end of the day, and I got a breakouts when used it for many days in a row. Won't repurchase.


 Lip products are my obsession, I love trying new lipsticks, and I have been even trying more daring shades for me, like bright reds, pinks and peach colors. I am not so much of a lip gloss wearer, but I can appreciate a nice lip gloss here and there. 

Dior Lip Glow: I love this thing, It actually lasted me a long time, with constant use. I love the color it gave my lips. Very natural bright pink, with a very nice glossy finish. I also love the smell, minty and fresh, and it is just so easy to apply since you really don't need a mirror, it is almost like a chapstick. Will repurchase (in fact I already have :) )

Buxom Lipgloss: For this one I can't really put the name down, since it is a tiny sample I got with an order, and the names rubbed off from being in my purse. I love buxom lip glosses, There are a tiny bit sticky, but they last a long time on the lips, and I personally really like the tingling sensation they have on the lips. This color was very pretty too.

With lip balms and chapsticks I am a lot pickier. My lips get dried and cracked easily, so I am always on the hunt for a great lip balm that wont break the bank (like the sugar balms that I finished there).

Fresh Sugar Lip balms: Here I have two. The Advance lip treatment (the one in the white tube) which I bought when my lips went through a serious dry period at the end of summer of last year. And the rose tube I got last year from Sephora for my bday. I love this products, will re-buy, though I am in the looks for a lip balm that it's not so pricey.

Caudalie lip Conditioner: This was an overall good product, it lasted me for 3 months or so, using it every night, it kept my lips feeling nice and soft. I am not such a fan of the smell though. But I like it alright, will possibly re buy it.

Skin Care

I also finished some skin care products.

Kiehl's Deodorant: This is the best deodorant I have ever come across of. I found it one day that I was casually walking through Kiehl's just being curious about their products. It works like a champ, it has no smell, it does not leave white marks on the clothes, and it lasted me for a long time!. Love it. Have already repurchased a new one. when this one ran out.

Neutrogena Makeup remover: This is my favorite makeup removers in the towelettes. I really like the smell, it works great on removing my makeup, it doesn't break me out, which it is a giant plus since I do have pretty sensitive skin.
  I have ones in my bathroom at home, and also one in my gym bag to remove my makeup before working out. I do wash my face after using it at night though. Will repurchase.

Clarisonic Cleanser: I am sad to say this was not my favorite, I love the Clarasonic, but this cleanser did not do anything for me. My face did not feel cleanse after, and I actually feel as if it left a film on my face. It also did not help with my breakouts. I will not repurchase.

Effaclar foaming gel: I also talked about this cleanser before. I love this cleanser, it is actually quite affordable for how good it is. It really helps my acne prone skin, it doesn't make my skin feel dry. I will repurchase.



 Josie Maran Bear Naked nail wipes: I love the idea of this wipes, there are 3 in 1. Nail polish removers, and cuticle and nail treatment. I like this product, even though it took many whipes to get the nail polish out. And it did this without leaving the room smelling like acetone which it is a plus.

 I am not sure I would pay the full price for this product even though I actually like it, mostly because I think you have to use so many wipes to accomplish what they are supposed to do.

Kiehl's Hand Salve: I like this hand cream alright. The smell was not my favorite. Don't think I will repurchase.

Sephora by OPI nail polish remover:  This was a good enough nail polish remover, not anything out of this world different, I got it on a 500 point perk in Sephora. I think the smell was a tiny bit better than regular acetone. Might repurchase.


 Keratin Perfect Repair Serum: I really like this product, I feel that the first two weeks of me using it, I actually noticed a huge difference on the way my hair felt. I think after I did not notice a huge difference (or just got use to the way my hair felt). Unfortunately I do think it is too expensive for the amount of product you get so... I won't repurchase until it goes into an awesome sale/deal.

Mop Lemon Grass hair lift: Love this. Have already repurchase a second bottle. Already wrote a review -->here<--

Fekkai hair spray: I got this travel size hairspray to try it out after a sales associate tried it on me on Nordstrom at the end of last year. Good hair spray. Did not leave my hair feeling crunchy, and it did hold the style on my very straight fine limp hair. I will buy it if I happen to find the full size on sale in a place like Nordstroms Rack or Tjmax.

And last but not least!


The body shop body butters: I got this two bad boys in the black Friday sale event. I have used up both of these, and I completely loved them. My favorite was the Almond body butter, since the smell was sweet and delicious (me and my horrible descriptions). The olive one it's just ok, I think the next time I am around this body creams I will get the coconut and maybe the mango one. We will see.

 And those are all my empties. I hope this was somewhat helpful if you are looking for some of the things I reviewed in here.

I hope you all have a great day!
xo Cami


  1. Thank you reviewing all these different products. I can vouch for the Body Shop body butters, scrubs and shower gels. I love them and there are a few scents that work well for both men and women.

    1. I agree 100%. The olive body butter I feel can be very unisex, also maybe even the almond one :)