May Wishlist!

I seriously can't believe how fast the year is going by. I mean, it feels like in a blink of an eye almost half of the year it's gone now!

I have been wanting to start doing a wishlist post maybe every other month, about things that I am drooling over. Some of this things I have been eying for months and months, trying to make a decision and saving up for them. Others I have try before and loved, and can't wait to snatch up on a sale.

Now it is possible that by the time this post goes up, I would have already purchase one of these things... can you guess which one?

I have been hunting for a new pair of working out shoes for 2 months now. Mine though are not too old, they look off shape and don't feel the same on. I think that if I rotate them with another pair of shoes, each pair will get some rest and my feet wont suffer so much. I also love the color and feel of these shoes. They feel like they have a lot more support than my older Nike's.

Since I got this on my popsugar box last year, I have been day dreaming about them ever since. It is such a great idea, and the dark chocolate was absolutely amazing.

If you like fruity scents for your home, I totally recommend this candle. It smells like fresh peaches with cream. Very sweet and light. I can't wait to get it again.

I love browsing through Etsy, you can find the coolest things. Very different than what you find in stores, plus you can also help local artists. I LOVE this kindle case. I can't wait to get it.

I love 'different' swimsuits, and I have been loving this Australian brand for a while. Having two in my Pinterest wishlist board for a long long time I have been secretly putting my pennies away for a year to be able to afford one of these. I love the panda, the fact that is black and white, and that it is a full swimsuit with a nice opening in the back for a little sexy factor. I love it!

6. Nike leggings

This leggings for working out... They have such a great design. I have not been lucky enough to find them for sale as of yet, I think there are an older season :( boo.

I hope you all are having a great day!

xo Cami

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