Pieces of my week.s

 This last two weeks have been interesting to say the least. There has been a little bit of everything happening around in my life and not all news is good news. I will say it is perfect timing to embrace the small things in life that make us smile even more!

I love the combination of brie with apples, and Sunday morning I decided I was ready to make a panini that combined those ingredients together for breakfast. I used French bread, mayo, I sliced a medium fiji apple, triple cream brie sliced thinly, some cherry tomatoes and spinach. I also made a small spinach and cherry tomato salad for the side, and sliced some bananas and strawberries.

I have also been loving the fact that my orchid is blooming!, or about to. I got this baby last year in Home Depot and it has always been a great plant, and after I moved it to the bathroom it has been doing a lot better.

Loving the warm weather these past days here in southern Cali, plus the delicious Strawberries from my garden.

The terrariums hanging near the dinning room window in my sister's house.

I have to say I am probably her biggest fan in the whole wide world, I love her artwork, you can visit her site here http://andreinadavila.com/

I hope you all had a great week!
xo Cami


  1. Ooh, lovely photos! That panini and salad look so yummy! xo



    1. I absolutely loved this panini, checking out your blog now! :)