Pieces of my week!

 This week was pretty great. Besides the fact that my eating out was out of control.

I have been hearing how great this candle is, and since we were running low on smell goods in the house, we went over to Bath and Body Works this weekend and got this amazing candle. It's as good as everyone has been saying. It smells fresh and fruity. I can't wait until some kind of sale happens and I can buy a couple more of these.

Some strawberries from my garden!

The weather has been pretty awesome here in Southern California, and I got around doing some gardening on the weekend which seemed to go by way too fast. 

Brunch time, with J!

Went to my two Zumba classes, and kickboxing during the week. I also managed to convince some of my girlfriends to watch "The Host" on Friday night after dinner and some drinks. On Sunday I got to hang out with my friend "J" and have some super awesome girly time.

 My favorite nail polish of the moment, Essie Mint Candy Apple. A very nice bright minty color that makes me just happy to look at.

This week I had to do some ear-buds shopping since my kitty Bagheera ate my apple pair I used for running. Unfortunately I have an issue with my weirdly shaped ears, and most headphones don't work for me. And for running I wanted some that will stay put, and won't cost me an eye. I got this pair from Amazon, and I am giving them a go this week. Wish me luck.

Baggy after eating my headphones.
 The cats have been hiding in their little tipi house when they do something wrong, they feel "protected" there. Cute.

I hope you all have a great day
xo Cami

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