My favorites of 2012 - in Beauty

Every time someone asks me what it is my "favorite" anything, I always have a hard time coming up with the answers. I do not have a favorite movie, or music band, or artist, I have several of each. This is sort of what happens with beauty products, though I have managed to come up with 12 things I loved this year (one per every month of the year).

Some of them I have been using for a while, some are recent finds that I just LOVE.

1.Météorites Compact Powder:

I Think this might be the most expensive makeup product that I own, and I have re-purchase it twice in the past 2 years. I Love the consistency, it feels velvety in your skin, and it removes shine like no other. I truly love it though I wish it was half of the price.

2. Eyeko Skinny eyeliner in black:

I got this full size Eyeliner in a birchbox I don't remember exactly when, I was not sure what to expect, normally eyeliners are tricky for me, or they smudge, or are too watery and take forever to dry, too sticky, or it is super hard to remove them at the end of the night. I used to avoid liquid eyeliners all together. I love this product because it stays put all day, it is very easy to apply and it is not waterproof so any makeup remover will take it off no problem.

3.Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush:

I have been wanting to get me some Bobbi Brown brushes for a while, from looking videos of people using them, hearing and reading how great the quality is. The problem is that there are too expensive for me.
I finally decided to take the plunge and get a set since Nordstroms had their thanks giving sale, I got different brushes, but this one it's the highlight of all of them. I have many eye brushes but none of them are so goof for applying the color, blending it in, and just making the makeup look amazing.

4.Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (in Sin):

I think this might be one of my best finds this year, this primer works wonders to hold and give depth to your eye look, it is so brightening and gorgeous by itself. It works wonders with eyeshadow or by itself, and if you are on a run and do not have time to do a full on eye look, I just pop this on my eyelids and I look good and ready to go.

  5. Naked 2 Palette:

Since I got this palette I do not think there has been a day that I have not use it (ok... with the exception of the days that I do not wear makeup). My point is that it has super wearable colors, some matte, some shinny and sparkly, you can give your eyes some color and still look very natural. Great quality too. Love it.

6. Benefit Cha-cha tint:

I love this product!it has lasted me for a long time and I use it very regularly, the orange coral color works very well with the tone of my ski, as a cheek tint it lasts all day, and in the lips it is a very nice sutil tint that works great with any lip gloss!.
The only thing is that one needs to be careful and blend it in quickly after put it in your skin because it tints it rather quickly and you might end up with a finger spot on your face all day.

7. Clarasonic Mia:

This is an expensive tool, 100 dollars for a face cleansing brush seems pretty steep, I bought it last year because of the great reviews it was getting, and I have problematic skin. I love it, I can see a difference in my face overall appearance, I think the trick it is getting the right brush that your face needs, and then this product it's amazing!


8. Mop lemon grass hair lift:

I am not sure why this productr does not get more hype around the internet, I got my first bottle around 3 years ago in my hairstylist, she talked wonders about how great for adding volume to limp, thin hair and even though I was skeptical I bought it.
 I am glad I did, this product it is truly wonderful, and it last a long time.

9. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo:

I mention this brand in my last post, and the fact that I love so many of their products. To me this is the best acne cream that I have ever tried. They call it a "corrector", not sure what that means, but I know that I use it every night, and it helps to keep my face behaving almost spot free for long periods of time. I always regret when I stop using it to try new products.

10. Neutrogena  Deep Clean facial Cleanser:

If you have oily acne prone skin, this is your best friend! I love this face cleanser, I could see my face improving withing the first week of using it. Love it!

11. Clinique Acne Solution Clarifying Lotion:

I use this clarifying lotion everyday, morning and before bed as my face toner. They recommend to keep it's use even after your face it's spots free for maintenance, and so I do. I really like it, I feel it really works with my skin and it is not over drying.

12. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel:

I truly works, I recently ran out of it and bought the origins spot treatment, which it is nearly twice the price and it is not as good. Just saying.

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