My 2013 New Year Resolutions!

I am a big fan of New Years resolutions, I am the kind of person that sticks to a plan for the most part, and a New Years resolution to me it is like a big to do list that will be a lot more rewarding than running errands.

I normally do long lists because I am very aware that not all of the things I planned out will get done, mostly because of a very busy life schedule, but I am satisfied if more than half gets done. 

My 2013 New Years resolutions are:

-Be a better person, better wife, better daughter, better sister, better friend.

-Be more positive

-Keep up with a healthy lifestyle

-Get into this years goal weight

-Do one piece of art a month

-Keep up with my new blog

-Write some more of my story/book

-Finish my garage project /gym/ man cave!

-Shop on my own closet more

-Call my mom everyday (or when possible)

-Learn how to cook very tasty healthier meals

-Bake often

-Travel more and see more of nature
-Work to live and not live to work.

That is it, there are many but most of them are to better myself as a person and I think they are reachable.

What are yours?


  1. Camila, I m very proud of you and you have good goals for these 2013.. I will share my own with you later.. Right now I have only an idea, nothing on paper and its better righting them,thinking of them, and sharing with others.

  2. Happy sunny days! I found you on LC website, and decided to visit.
    Btw, am the newest follower of your lovely blog.

    Hope you can visit mine too and follow back :)))))))

    Thank you, Chi