Real Techniques makeup brushes

In the past two years I have had an increased interest in makeup, beauty products, skin care, etc. Coming from an art background I especially love the idea of using makeup brushes, and really appreciate the quality behind a good brush and the final result you can get from using the right one for the right job.

I have been eying the Real Techniques brushes for a while now, they are very affordable, and with a good range of products. I was just waiting for an Ulta to open near me, and by the time that happened  I had already bought some other brushes!

Truth to be told, I am so happy I got a set for Christmas (from my very good friends, Noelia and Julian), and I realized that the hype it's so worth it when it comes to products!

And mi cat liked them too!

The bristles are super soft and great for sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. It has a great affordable selection. Really good blush brush, good big powder and blending blush, awesome buffing brush that applies liquid foundation like a champ. I also love the pointed foundation brush for concealer.

Highly recommend them!

You can find them here, link

or in Ulta if you are in the USA.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy this post.



  1. I love these brushes too, I bought the blusher brush today so I have almost completed my set! I just can't stop buying them! what is your favourite one? xxx

    1. Hey there! I know right there are awesome! I am a bit torn about my favorite, but it might be the blending brush, only because it is the one I use the most. I also really like the blush brush. A LOT!