Being a Healthier and fitter me - PART 3

What I eat!. Like I said previously on the first part of my posts. I am a lot more relaxed about what I eat. I control portions, count calories and make sure I am having enough good things, like vegetables, protein, fiber, vitamins, etc. But I do have a little treat here and there during the week, and honestly I have stopped feeling bad about it.

As long as I do it in moderation, and I mostly do the damage during the weekend, which I see as my rewards for working so hard during the week!.

This is my typical breakfast. Homemade granola, blueberries and plain Greek yogurt!.

1st.- Breakfasts: I try to eat a large meal that will keep me less hungry and give me enough energy during the day. On the weekend I tend to make my own granola, and eat that with a cup of Greek yogurt, which it's high in protein. I add some berries. Sometimes I top it with a teaspoon of chia seeds.

This is a very good breakfast, because it has a decent amount of carbs that gives you lots of energy, and a good source of protein in the yogurt and even the nuts in the granola.

Other days I have egg whites with a hand full of veggies, mushrooms, and a small serving of cheese.

And of course a cup of cafe latte that I make at home. Sure not everyone agrees that drinking coffee it's healthy, but I like the flavor and since it does give me a boost of energy.

2nd.- Lunches: On the weekend my husband and I bake large amounts of chicken breast. We use some spices like lemon pepper, sea salt, cumin and little amount of olive oil.

We bake enough for each one of us to have a good amount of protein for lunch, around 4 oz for me and 8 oz for him, this will last us to about mid week. We eat this with regular garden salads, maybe some romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and some type of low sodium fat free vinaigrette we bought at the store.

I also try to have a small side of carbs, maybe a whole wheat tortilla of only 100 calories and make it into a tasty wrap.

I will have something like this with a small green salad on the side.

3rd.-Dinners: For snacks it depends on how hungry I am when I am back from the gym. Sometimes weirdly enough I just have something small, like a piece of whole wheat toast and a serving of tuna with lemon juice and a slice of cheese. This might not be everyone's taste, but I love it and find it very light and filling!

Other times when I am feeling a bit more food adventurous, I make myself some stir fry shrimp tacos. Around 4 medium size shrimps, with red peppers, onions, and some olive oil. With a whole wheat tortilla, a healthy serving of herb mix from trader joes (I love this thing) and I top it with the shrimps and a little cheese.

Sometimes when I am too tired I just drink a protein smoothie.

Nine times out of ten I snack on fruit.

4th.- Snacks: Every day around four o clock I get super hungry, I am not sure if it's boredom or what. I am sure sometimes it is. I try to take healthier alternatives for snacks with me every morning. An apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter, 5 strawberries, string cheese, a grapefruit.

This year I am going to try to keep my 4'o clock snacks smaller so I can have a pre workout snack around six pm, 30 minutes before my workout. And also have something in my workout bag for after, maybe a protein drink or some almonds.

For water, I try to drink 8 glasses a day though this is not something I am too strict with and need to be better at it. I also drink a cup of green tea every morning once I get to my office. I avoid fruit juices or sodas all together.

I hope you find this somewhat helpful or at least somewhat interesting!


Disclaimer: I am not sure if anyone it's reading this post, but if you are I am not an expert. I am not a doctor, dietitian or trainer. I am just a regular chick trying to get in shape. Also, I guess it is worth mentioning that I am not aiming to look super thin, so if you are into that model thin look, this might not work for you!

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