Being a Healthier and fitter me! PART 2

I love hiking, it's such a fun way to get some exercise in and enjoy some of nature at the same time!

So lets talk exercise!. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I started excising three times a week back in June 2012. Now that is the minimum I allow myself in my slow weeks.  I aim for 5 times.

Last year there were days where I was working out in the morning and in the night. The idea is to listen to your body and know how much to push yourself!

I have done a little bit of everything during the months that I have been working out regularly. some video workouts like p90x, Tapout XT, Insanity. I truly only finished Tapout XT, and I can say I liked it however I did not follow the meal plans.

Now I have a pretty good setup for myself after trial and error. This is my weekly workout routine (this can change depending on what I feel like doing every day but mostly I just do this)


On Monday's I do a leg/bun training. I jog/run/fast walk for 15 minutes aprox.  Then get in the stair master for 5 min. Then do:

20 squats
20 plie squats
20 prone kneeling leg extension(per leg)
20 fire hydrants (per leg)
20 reverse lunges (per leg)
20 alternating jump lunges

Then I do a 5 minute abs routine I get from an app on my phone called 6 pack promise!

Cool down with a jog/fast walk for 8 minutes.

Once upon a time, when my shoes where new! sigh.


On Tuesdays I do a similar training than on Monday, but I add some arm, chest workouts.

10 min warmup (1 min at 3.5, then 1 min at 4, then 1 min at 4.5... and so on until I get to 6.5 and then repeat)
2 sets - 20 reps dumbbell rows in squat position
2 sets - 20 reps of triceps extensions
8 minute jog/run on a treadmill
2 sets - 20 reps bicep rolls (per arm)
2 sets -20 reps of lateral raises
8 minute jog/run

Then I do the 5 minute abs workout.

Note: I can't run as of yet in a Treadmill faster than speed of 6.5, because of my ankle injury, I have faith I will get to 8 eventually.


It is the middle of the week! This is my Zumba day. I normally take a free class from my Gym, which I love. It is a 55 minute class, after the class I do 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 mountain climbers,  25 ab crunches.

If not the kinect or the wii zumba games are awesome and get you sweating like a mad person!


I do not do much yoga. but there is not many pictures of me working out and I wanted to put something up!


Thursday is my non planned day. This day I do one of my workout videos. My newest addition is Piloxing ( I just got it, so I am not sure yet how I feel about it.
 If I decide to go to the gym instead, I repeat a mixture in between day 1 (Monday) and day 2 (Tuesday).


Rest day!


Saturday I normally go to train alongside with my husband and his workout buddy (our mutual friend Julian). But I do my own girly workout while they do their thing. 

I do a Daisy duke workout, which you can check out in here: link

I LOVE this workout and my other workouts are pretty much modifications of this one. That is how much I love it!
My new gym bag!


Rest day. With the exception of house shores and all that.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful! let me some comments and let me know what you do for excising, will love to try new things out!


Disclaimer: I am not sure if anyone it's reading this post, but if you are I am not an expert. I am not a doctor, dietitian or trainer. I am just a regular chick trying to get in shape. Also, I guess it is worth mentioning that I am not aiming to look super thin, so if you are into that model thin look, this might not work for you!

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  1. se te esta poniendo el cuerpo tan lindo Cami! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti mana. :)