2014 New years Resolutions!

Taking a look back to my 2013 New Years resolutions, I feel like I did accomplish some of my goals, most of them I was on the right path right up until the very end. I am going to take this chance to rework my goals this year and work harder into making it happen!

This is my 2013 recap on my art goal, I had hoped to finish twelve pieces, but only managed to do seven. I am still happy with the outcome, I tried different medias and enjoyed working on each piece.

For my 2014 resolutions I want to:


-Workout at least three times a week, but strive for four or more.

-Like last year's goal, I will love to get into this years goal weight

-Do at least 8 pieces of art, and some of them need to be Environments

-Take an art class

-Keep up with the blog and post regularly

-Write some more of my story
 -Paint the living room and dinning room
-Shop on my own closet more and buy quality not quantity

-Learn how to cook very tasty healthier meals
-Bake different desserts not the same ones that I always make
-Get to know more of California

-Read at least 3 book
-Do more DYI

-And one I should have every year, work to live and not live to work.

Most of this years resolutions are the same than last years, I want to keep with the same ones but really strive to achieve them, but importantly I want to be happier, healthier and a better person.


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