Nars 'Voulez Vous' Cheek & Eye Palette

 This is a Limited Edition palette from Nars, it comes with two blushes. Nars Deep Throat, which besides having a pretty racy name it's one of their best sellers. Dolce Vita it's a very nice deeper toned blush which I have none like it. Each blush it's 0.15 oz and are very blendable and smooth.

This palette was sold exclusively at Nordstroms for around $64, but since then it has sold out. I believe my husband snatched it for me at Nordstroms Rack for one of my Christmas presents, and you might still be able to find it there for around $40. 

Besides the two gorgeous blushes, it comes with four eyeshadows, Molokaï, Antananarivo, Rangoun, LHASA. A champagne color, a neutral brown, a topey purple color and a dark brown with golden speckles. Each eyeshadow it's 0.03 oz.

I think palettes are a great way to try new brands and a large selection of their products at once, and having them all in one place makes it easier to get more use out of the makeup. I actually don't own much of NARS and I am happy to get to try a few of their things.

And yes that is a cat paw. Go to your nearest Nordstroms and get one of Nars palettes. I really like this one.


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