April Wantable Box (accesories) Review

I am a bit of an addict when it comes to subscription boxes, I love the surprise factor and the fact that you usually get more bang for your buck this way and get to try new things.

Wantable is a subscription I recently discovered, you can choose in between a beauty box, an accessory box or an intimates box. Like with most subscription boxes, you fill in a questionnaire in which helps them determine what to send you.

I got the accessories box which retails for $36 and in it you will receive from 3 to 4 boutique accessories. Sun glasses, earrings, hair bands, etc. To cut the chase down, I am split 50/50 with my liking of the box. I got two necklaces, a pair of earrings and a midi ring.

I liked the midi ring a lot, it's very nice quality, adjustable and I love that it's silver and have already worn it several times this past week. As for the big silver statement necklace I liked it too, it's not heavy at all, and I can see myself incorporating it into my day to day style. 

The other gold pendant necklace it's another story. I don't see myself ever wearing it but will give it a go somehow or gift it to a family member or friend who might like it better than me. The earrings are small hoops, one side gold and one side silver. I like the concept, but I am more of a big hoop wearer and I hate to say this but the hoops feel cheap, one side of the earring was already semi corroded when I received the box.

I paid $36 for the entire box and received $71 worth of products, I'm overall pretty happy with what I received, it was great value for the money I paid with the exception of the earrings. I might change it next month to the beauty or intimates box, or modify my preferences so I can get things more targeted to my taste.

Let me know what you think about what I received and if you get or are planning on getting this box.


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