Blush Mystery Beauty Box - August 2013

Is that time again in which I review the Blush Mystery Box which I receive monthly. This month it was an specially good box that I am really excited to try.

-The first thing that we knew we were getting was the Philip B. Beach Mist that retails for $22 and it's a full size product. I was actually quite excited to try this out, and have since I got the box this past week. I really like it so far, it smells pretty good in comparison to other salt sprays I have tried in the past, and it makes my hair very voluptuous.

-Second thing that jumped out to me was the Pixi's Silky Eye Pen  which retails for $15, it came in a full size. this is a very smooth and long lasting cream eyeliner. I got the color deep plum.

-The box also came with Anastasia's Lash Genious Waterproof Topcoat which retails for $21 and I got a big sample of .11oz! I have not gotten to try this product out since I don't normally need waterproof mascaras that often, but I am happy to have it nonetheless.

-I also got the Skylark Memoir Fragrance Collection which retails for $29.95. It comes with three little roller balls of 0.18oz each. ,
 I was pleasantly surprised with the three scents, there are all very different but sweet, musky and sexy. I particularly loved scent III, which I would say it's the least sweet of them all and have been wearing it all week long!

-I was stocked when I saw this full size MOR Snow Gardenia Hand Cream, it retails for $20 and it's smells flowery and feminine. I am already a fan of MOR lotions so this was a good product to receive.

-I also got the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, this was a 0.5 oz container which retails $48 full size.

-I was happy to receive Coola SPF30 Classic Sunscreen, which retails for $32 on a fullsize product. I have been wanting to try this brand for a while and since it's so expensive I am always cautious to try something before taking the plunge and buying it. This is a tiny sample though and I am not sure how much I'm going to be able to tell. I will keep you posted.

-Color science Sunforgettable Face Primer SPF30 fullsize retails for $50, my sample is of 0.33 oz. I will keep you posted on this one as well.

One of the great things about purchasing from (who is NOT paying me to say this), is that they have free shipping, and they send a small sample with each order. In this box I got a small face serum to try. Pretty cool huh?

I hope you give it a go if you have $24 to spend.



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  1. The Coola Sunscreen/lotion is what I've started using-it's what I was talking about the other night when I said I found something great through Birchbox. I love it!