Rose Bowl Haul!

The Rose Bowl is a flea market that happens every second Sunday of every month here in LA. It's HUGE, and probably the biggest I have ever been in. You can find all kinds of cool things, specially if you are into vintage things for your house or yourself.

It's great, and I highly recommend if you do decide to go, that you pack some water, bring a sun hat, some high spf, and comfortable shoes.

We found all kinds of cool things today, but I though I share some cool things I found for myself, I spent a total of 25$!

 I got this two pair of cute high waisted shorts which I have seen a lot of lately and cost a whooping $30+ in places like Zara. This ones fit nicely and have a lot of character. There are both Levis, and one was $5 and the other one was $10.

Then I found this awesome pair of black boots for $10!!!. Yes you read it right. There are actually quite comfortable and I wish they had had more pairs in my size because I saw some other ones I quite liked but where too big for me.


They threw in this cute pair of earrings for free when I purchased the boots. 

I was really happy with the outcome of our trip, I fell in love with many things but held back on most since house stuff can get expensive.  I'm feeling satisfied, and completely tired right now!

How was your weekend?


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