Products I have used up (April-July 2013)

Scents are something very personal for each person, so it's hard to recommend one to someone. I had this two for a while and I loved them both. Firstly the VS noir was very sexy and sultry scent, with fruity notes that you can wear day and night. I loved it and will possibly re-buy it in the future.

Twirl by Kate Spade might be one of my favorite scents to wear on the summer days, it is very light, sweet and fresh, I also got it on Tjmax for 60% off or something like that which it's a plus.

As for makeup, I rarely finish products and if I do generally are mascaras and concealers. There to show what is that we use the most of. I got this sample of the Extreme Party mascara way back in December of last year, just now got to use the mascara and I really like it. It gave my lashes great volume, though I did noticed some flaking at the end of the day. Might repurchase.

I have heard a million times about the Maybelline Dream Lumi touch Highlighting concealer (that was a mouth full), which supposedly it's a dupe to the YSL Touche Eclat concealer pen. I am not about to spend that kind of money into a luminizing concealer in the YSL one, so I gave this one a go. 

I really liked it, and will totally re-buy it in the future. I bought it two shades too light for me, I am not sure why I think I am this white person when I go makeup shopping, but ivory it's definitely NOT my color...

Now to the more boring bits, I finished a handful of skin care items as well. For starters the LAMER eye cream. Now I bought this extremely expensive eye cream one day that my eyes where specially puffy, and I was freaking out on getting eyebags, which runs in my family. 

Now in the moment of my delirium I was brain washed by a really good sales associates in Nordstroms who said this was the best for prevention... of course I bought the damn thing, and enjoyed every ounce of it. Would I buy it again? maybe when I am old and it makes more sense.

In my purse I carry a small hand cream with me at all times, and this one was the last one I finished up. It was pretty good, not a super strong scent, very moisturizing also. Not sure I will re-purchase it, since there is a lot of good creams out there for cheaper.

For the effaclar duo, I loved it, I have used several of this, will repurchase and in fact already have.

I haven't tried much of what Lush has to offer, other than bath bombs. The Ocean Salt face and body scrub was ok, I don't think I will re-buy it, mostly because I felt it didn't really do much for my skin, and the smell got to be too much in the end.

I used up the Caudalie divine oil during the end of spring, it has nearly to no smell and my skin soaked it up so fast, I loved it while it lasted. Don't think I will repurchase it, because of it's price tag though.

The Caudalie face foaming cleanser was very good, very light and gentle on my skin, I think even though I use it up on the end of Spring and early Summer days, it would have been a better cleanser to use in the winter times, when my face it's a bit dryer. I feel for my skin in the summer time was a little too gentle.

I am a happy camper ever since I found the Batiste dry shampoos, there are very good in giving my hair volume, it smells good, it's cheap. The only con is that it does leave a white cast on my hair, though I can get most of it off by teasing and brushing my hair after applying.

Macademia healing oil was very good for my hair, I am waiting for my next trip to ULTA to pick up a new one, I felt it gave the super dry ends on my hair a bit of extra shine and moisture, plus I love the smell.

Carol's Daughter MONOI repair mask was a sample I got on a Birchbox last year, I can't say it did much to my hair though.

This sorts of posts tend to get long, but I hope each mini review help someone out there to decide whether or not to get something.



  1. Hi, Ms. Lohr. I came to your blog from a comment you left on the Blush Mystery Beauty Box site, and I'm enjoying your product reviews and other posts.

    I really love this particular entry. More people should write about products they used up because they were great - or because they were too expensive to pitch, even if only "meh." Knowing which items became a regular part of someone's routine seems more useful than just learning what they liked at first blush. Often writers promise to follow up later on a product that doesn't have an immediate effect, but that doesn't happen, probably because they forgot all about it.

    One question: For photo 3, you mentioned a hand cream you carried in your purse and exhausted, but I don't see it in the picture. Can you specify the product's brand and name?

    Thanks for sharing your interesting life.

    Robin Drake

    1. Hi there Robin! thank you so much for your comment, I am so happy you are liking my reviews, I am hoping they might help someone out there.

      The hand cream you were wondering about it's Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream, it's pretty good and it sinks into your skin fast which I loved. Still debating if I will repurchase it.

      Here is a link to it: