First time going to Las Vegas!

Even though this past month was hard for me and any Venezuelan out there, it was also filled with all kinds of exciting, beautiful things. From our 5th year wedding Anniversary, to surprising one of our best friend's Jacob for his 30th bday in Las Vegas.

I have never been to Las Vegas before and was extremely excited about our booked night at the Venetian, a fancy dinner and a club to finish the night. We decided to skip the flight and drive instead, make it an exciting road trip.

I can resume things by saying that I truly enjoyed my time there. The drive was beautiful, though I can get boring at times. I loved the huge fancy hotel, the food was tasty (though I think we are just spoiled in LA and I am hard to please). And I can't wait to go back.

Also I did a bit of shopping, taking advantage of cheaper taxes and the fact that were things I have been saving for. I also manage to win in the penny slots a bit chuck of the money we spend on our trip. So... SCORE!

 If you have been in Las Vegas before, which is your favorite Hotel?

xo Cami

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