Products I've used up - September 2013

 There is a lot of empties this month, it might be because I went into a 'use up everything before purchasing anything new' rule which I followed in some occasions.



I was happy to see some of these finally go, and was happily surprised by other.

I managed to finished my Urban decay Primer potion in Sin, which I truly enjoyed for the 2 years it lasted me. It gives a very pretty sheer golden base to the eyelids and it prevents creasing. I ended up using it alone on my eyes when I was too lazy to bother with a full eye look. Will repurchase.

I also finished two different kinds of eyeliners, the first one being my old but very nice gel eyeliner by BOBBI BROWN in Jet Black, I am sad to say goodbye to it. I stopped using it for some reason a while ago and rediscovered it when I used up my liquid eyeliner. I feel in love with it all over again. Will likely repurchase it, though not in the near future.

I also used up a second one of the eyeko liquid liner in black, this one is a very nice felt tip liquid liner, which i love because it stays on and it's very easily removed. Unfortunately I prefer the Stila liquid liner instead, so I wont be repurchasing this one even though I like it.

I also finished four different mascaras, not all at once but some I had in my gym bag for a while and needed to be thrown away.

Firstly the Buxom Sculpted lash mascara, I had a love hate relationship with this one, I got it on my Pop Sugar Must Have subscription, last year, and I was excited to try it. At first the formula did not work for me, it was too wet, the wand was not my favorite, etc. But after using it for a while I just got to love it.

Similar situation with the sample I got for Chanel Le Volume Mascara, when I first tried it on the formula was too wet and it made my lashes look spidery with one coat. After using it for a week or so the formula dried a bit and I just ended up loving it. It gives great volume and length, and it just makes your lashes look crazy good. I might buy the bullet and buy this one full size.

The Bare Minerals Flawless Definition, This mascara is a more natural look one, and as the name says it, it defines each one of your lashes, making them look long and separate. I actually quite liked this mascara, and had it on my gym bag for months, loving it every day I would use it. I will most definitely buy it, for those days I feel like wearing a more natural look.

Lastly on the makeup end, I used up Physicians Formula Organic wear mascara. Now a very bright bulky packaging, a very nice dense brush and a very natural formula. I liked this mascara a lot as well, but I had a problem with it falling on my eyes at the end of the day, it did not make a mess, which it was nice, but it was uncomfortable and it made me rub my eyes a bit... so I don't think I will re buy it, though it is a nice one.

Body Products

 Bath&Body works Aruba Coconut shower Gel,  I love that bath & body works offers all kinds of scents on their shower gel line. All cruelty free and that foams all nicely. However this was not my favorite scent even though it was very summery. I have discover I am a very picky person when it comes to shower scents, LOL. The Cashmere one though... that's a different story. :)

Epicuren Kukui Coconut after bath body moisturizer, this I also got on a previous Popsugar Must have box. It was amazing while it lasted, super luxurious. I got tons of compliments on it, and people wanted to know what lotion I was wearing. It left a very subtle golden shimmer, almost not perceptible. Will definitely repurchase next summer.

Ahava essential day moisturizer, this sample I got on a birchbox last year, this one was meant for normal to dry skin, which I don't have... for me it was just ok.

BasicallyU nail Polish Remover, Just a regular nail polish remover, nothing out of the ordinary... the scent was a bit different, but not any better I will say.

Face Products

The Simple Cleansing wipes were good, but not amazing, I think they work fine for people with sensitive skins, which I have, but it didn't feel like it got my skin really free of makeup, or truly cleaned. I will recommend if you have sensitive skin but don't wear makeup on a daily basis.

Clinique Acne solutions cleansing foam, was a good cleanser, but I hate the smell on this line of products, it smells very chemically and it does not goes away fast, unfortunately this was a completely deterrent for me. I wont repurchase.

Effaclar Duo, Love it, will repurchase it... actually already have :).

Urban Decay Deslick makeup spray, I bought the small sample of this to try it up, since I have very oily skin my makeup sometimes fades quicker than to other people. This product actually helped my makeup stay on all day, though I did not feel it made my face look less oily. I might repurchase the bigger size.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, I really liked this cleanser, because even though it got everything off my face it did not make my skin feel dry or dehydrated. It had no strong scent, which if you compare it to the Clinique one, it's a plus. I might not repurchase it, not because I didn't like it, but because I am looking for a more affordable option.

Fashion Fair Fragrance Free Cleansing creme was a product that caught my eye in tjmax a while back, and I decided to pick up to help me remove stubborn eyeliners and mascaras from my eyes. I can't say many good things about this product, firstly it did a horrible job at removing makeup, secondly I really disliked the fact that it was on a pot, in which you had to dip your fingers or a cotton ball on to get product... super unsanitary for a face product. It took forever to use it up because I just didn't want to use it. Hurray it's gone!

Hair Products

This little Herbal Essence travel size shampoo was awesome, I love the smell of it! I might repurchase it on a bigger size.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, I love this thing, I used up this big size and a smaller travel size that came with it. It does leave a white cast on brunette hair, but I find that if I massage my hair enough it goes away leaving nice volume and no grease. The scent on this one got to be too much after a while of using it. Will repurchase in another scent.

DermOrganic Intensive Hair masque, I am a fan of the DermOrganic hair products in general, and this one was not the best, but it wasn't bad either. The scent was not particularly my favorite, and it was not as repairing as I had hoped. I much prefer the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask.

Overall I liked that I use up so many of this products, made space for new ones to come. Some hits, some misses. 


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