New HRH collection!

I have been eying for a few months now a few of  HRH collection pieces, this is an independent shop owned by Alex, that is based here in LA. She has been extremely successful with her jewelry line for a few years now,  but recently expanded her shop to clothing items as well.


Now her things aren't cheap (which it's why I don't own everything she has to offer), but I have one of her chains from a few years ago, and I really liked it. I decided to get one of her bracelets that I have been wanting for a while. This one is the Ohh la lumiere $60, and I have been wearing it non stop since I got it. LOVE it.

I also got one of her tanks tops, after debating it for a few months I am happy I did it. This tank top it's a LOT better quality than the one from Zara and others I have tried. It retails for $35, very nice. I want the lavender one as well, but it's currently sold out. Oh as a side note I think they run a bit small, I normally wear Medium in my tops, and this one is a Large.

Support independent shops and artists!

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  1. what is your bra size, sorry for tmi but just wanted to know what size i should get....