Face Stockholm lipsticks

French Martini to the left, and Chili Flake to the right. Both colors for J.Crew.

I have never heard of Face by Stockholm before I randomly found their lipsticks in J.Crew months ago. After a lot of debating over it, and since I normally don't wear many red lips I decided to give it a go. I got the two shades they offered there which are Chili Flake which is a true bright red, and French Martini which is a very pretty salmon/pink color.

I like to try new products when possible and the idea of this lipsticks of a brand I never heard before was exhilarating. Silly I know, but I am not kidding and as long as I can return it if I don't like it I am all for it.

swatches in neutral lighting.

I felt a bit shy on trying them on in J.Crew's store, but I can truly say I liked them. Specially French Martini, which complements my skin tone very well for being such a light shade. I find them very creamy, moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. The color payoff it's incredibly pigmented and it rolls in very smoothly on your lips.

Chili Flake on the lips.

On a downside, I'm personally not a fan of the smell. To me it's very distracting and medicine like. Also Chili Flake tends to wander off my lips after a couple hours. So lip liner and being careful with it is a must. Definitely not a low maintenance lip product.

French Martini on the lips.

I wish there was a store near me so I could try more colors on this brand. Definitely a nice surprise.
Not cheap though 22$ a piece can make a dent on a shopping budget. I would personally save for this if you are feeling adventurous.

I hope you are having a great day.

xo Cami