Dry shampoo for Brunettes - Batiste vs Oscar Blandi

If you are a girl you probably have heard by now that if you want to let your hair grow, it's not ideal wash it every day. For some it's something easy to do, but for someone like me with fine oily hair this is almost impossible unless you want to look completely unkempt and dirty (even you are not)

So they invented dry shampoo for a reason.

During the last two years I have tried my share of different brands of dry shampoo. I have come to the conclusion that for me personally spray shampoos work best. Now I have dark hair, which represents a problem since most of the dry shampoos leave a white cast when sprayed on, and requires a lot of massaging around to get rid of it.

I have here two that target dark haired girls. Two completely different price points, one sucks and one doesn't.

I got the Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo in Kohls back in the Summer time, it retails for $25.00. I believe I ended up paying $20 or so with a coupon. It claims to add volume, and leave your hair feeling fresh, smelling good and all this marvelous things that dry shampoos are supposed to do.  It sucks though!

It smells like bad floor detergent, it does nothing for the oiliness on the hair and very little for volume. I feel like I threw my money away with this one. 

Batiste on the other hand retails for $7.99, which it's less than half than the Oscar blandi one, and it's amazing. It leaves no white cast, it smells pretty good and it gives the hair volume and it leaves it looking fresh and pretty.

Skip the expensive one and get Batiste, I love that stuff!


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