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I love to read and give reviews, to products, restaurants, places, shows, food, you name it. I feel that reviews in general truly help me decide on what to get, where to eat, what to watch... it is to me a way to save money and time.

So every month I have decided to share with you any beauty products that I have used up and finished that month (and granted I might not have something to show every month), I will give my honest  thoughts on the product, packaging, price range and everything I can come up with that might help anyone out there.

This is going to be a very long post because I have a lot of empty products in here.

 Hair Products:


Chi Enviro Flex hold:


 I got this in tjmax for a discounted price and used it regularly for about 8 months, it lasted a while and it did hold the style... sort of, I felt it made my hair crunchy which to me it was a bad trait, the scent of the product was masculine (which it is alright with me since the scent did not stick around), and I felt I needed to put a lot of product to make the hair style to stay in place (granted I have very straight fine hair that never holds much). I do not think I would repurchase it again.

Redken outshine:


I got this sample in a little black back bag box I purchased 4 months ago (or so), I used it steadily for 2 months and stopped the use after, since I felt it was not changing much of my hair overall appearance. I recently decided to used it up just for the sake of cleaning my cabinet. Would not repurchase (or purchase since it was a sample).

Redken Extreme anti-snap:


Like with the previous product (I got them both in the same box), I am not sure I noticed a huge difference in my hair, it was not stronger and was breaking so easily,  I actually remember having a bunch of hair in my hand as I applied it the last time. Will not purchase.

Body products:

 Kiehl's Fig leaf and Sage:


I like Kiehl's products in general,  this is my second body cleanser by them and I can say I truly enjoyed it. The smell of this particular one it's perfect for fall and winter since it is very warm and woodsy. I love how the scent stays with you during the day but not in a overpowering way. I only wish it was cheaper. Will repurchase.

Juice beauty blemish clearing cleanser: 


I got this one in a birchbox, do not remember the month, but remember I was going through a bad breakout and this face cleanser didn't do much for my face at the time. I liked the fact that was organic and it smelled like juice, and I also liked that it was not too abrasive on my skin. Overall I think the product did not work for what it was meant for, so... I will not repurchase.

La-Roche posay Lipikar:


I first want to say how much I love this brand of beauty products, they are economical and overall pretty good. I liked Lipikar a lot, it was a great body and face cleanser, not too abrasive but it definitely got the jog done, it was almost scentless and it had a thick consistency that made a nice lather. Will repurchase.

Origins modern friction:


 I liked this exfoliant a lot, I used it once a week and my face felt clean and soft after, I will definitely try the bigger version of this for a longer period and see better what does to my skin. I liked the smell, it was fresh and spa like. Will repurchase.

Bliss Body Butter and Hand cream:


Both lotions are nice and I really like Bliss lemony smell, to me it smells like a mixture in between a spa and a lemon pie, and it reminds me of the W hotel in which I tried Bliss products for the first time (3 years ago). I liked them just fine but I do not think there are the best out there for body or hand lotions (unfortunately). Because of this I do not think I will repurchase it.

Mela-d hands:


 I LOVE this hand lotion, I bought it to help me with some freckles (or sun spots) I have in my hands and arms, since it is a dark spot brightener. I can say that it works wonders and I saw a change in a week, it has spf, it is moisturizing and the scent grew on me fast. I will repurchase it again, but I have not find it online.

L'Occitane hand cream:


I have been carrying this small hand cream with me in my purse for almost a year now (I had 3 different scents that came in a holiday gift set last year). I really like the formula of this hand cream, it is thick, it absorbs quickly onto your skin, and I do not feel it leaves a residue.  I do not think I love it yet, so I will keep in the hunt for my favorite hand cream. Will repurchase... but prefer my next one.

Nivea Creme:


Sometimes we go around trying to find gems, thinking that the best things have to have a higher price range, when in truth there is amazing products that are very economical and work great. I was very happy to rediscover Nivea, I kept this small tint next to my bedside table and every night before bed I will put it on my hands, and I loved it, it is moisturizing, light, soft, buttery, and I love the smell of Nivea body products. Will repurchase.




Benefit remove it: 


What I like of this product besides the amazing packaging, it's the smell of cucumbers that it is so fresh and light, it felt so nicely on my skin and it did not irritated it at all (which happens easily and I get breakouts), but it just did not get my makeup off... it took a lot of scrubbing, many cotton pads, and I will eventually have to used a different makeup remover. I will not repurchase.

Tarte Light, camera, lashes!:


This might be one of my all time favorite mascaras, I have used it many times and repurchased it twice already since I discovered it. It does not clump on me, it makes my lashes look fuller and longer, and it is an expensive mascara but I feel it is worth it. Will repurchase.

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