We are moving to Vancouver!

Which is why I haven't been updating my blog as often as I have been for the past year or so. The decision didn't come fast, I will say it took maybe half of a year (or more) to slowly build up on us. Finally we are at a stage in the process in which I feel comfortable sharing it.

Since this is such an important move in our life I have decided that I will be making a journal here on my blog and share all that it took for us to move, the mistakes we might make, companies we use, etc. This will be a great way for people who are going through something similar to find some resources online and also my family and friends will get to see what we are up to. 

This is very exciting and scary!

For starters we went up to Vancouver last month, what was previously something we knew we were doing it felt as an idea, when we had our trip there it made it real. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which we know it's not a year round thing, but it felt very similar to LA's weather in the middle of Summer. The air smelled and felt clean, which reminds me a lot to my farms back home in Venezuela.

French toast at the Flying Pig Downtown

There were beautiful beaches, huge mountains and everything looked green and pretty, the city was clean and weirdly enough it felt small... maybe it's because I was coming from LA. I really liked the buildings in Downtown Vancouver, there are tall, glass and modern.

People are friendly and we got to walk everywhere and eat some pretty delicious food. Now the not so great part of being there was the realization that everything is more expensive, alcohol was pricey and the taxation was confusing in the restaurants. We came home that Sunday feeling a bit shocked, but I think as the week passed I started getting excited once again.

 See you in the next one!


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  1. Good luck with the move and transition. In comparison to big American cities, Vancouver is small. It is a beautiful place.