Influenster Caliente VoxBox Review!

Recently I received a new Voxbox from the Influenster team, if you don't know about them you can check their website out, sign in, fill some surveys and maybe you will be selected for the next box.

 This Caliente box contains a great selection on summer treats for me to test out for free and review for you. Now I have had this products for a few weeks now and have gotten to try them all for a while, and know well how they work for me.

 Rice Krispies Treats Blasted, Smores $14 (6 pack): This was the first thing I used and enjoyed, it was very tasty and I most definitely will buy and eat this again. 

The Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30 $7: is a very nice lotion that has a fruity scent that lingers in your skin when smelled closely, but it's not too strong though. I love that it's not oily and it sinks into my skin quickly. Perfect for a day out by the pool.

Kiss Nails GEL FANTASY $9: From all the products I received on the box, this ones were the ones I immediately knew I was not going to be using. Unfortunately I don't use glued nails and if I were to put them on I wouldn't use this particular design. More of a personal preference, they have 5 stars in amazon.

The  Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid $23: I was excited to try this face product, specially because I have been breaking out a lot in the past few months. Unfortunately my skin had a bad reaction to it, my skin turned very red, it broke into a lot of tiny bumps and a rash, and it was very painful to touch. Now this has almost 5 stars in amazon, so it might be my skin reacting to it.

Dove Nourishing Treatment $10: I like Dove as a company and I like hair oils, this was meant to be a love situation, and I do like this product but I wouldn't say I love it... yet.
 It does tame my fly aways, and it feels almost weightless in the hair, which is nice since I have fine hair. The only thing I didn't like was the scent, it smells like baby oil.

Let me know if you have given these ones a try and you have a different experience!



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